TEI (Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction) Studio, March ’17

# of Participants: 13
Age: 20s – 60s
Location: Conference
Time: 5 hours

The workshop was designed for five hours of the activity and thirty minutes for reflection with thirteen researchers (ages 20s – 60s, eight women and five men) at the international conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interactions (TEI). We followed the similar flow to the previous timelines. We started with brief introduction of the workshop concept, goal, and timeline and demonstrated how to use our tools and materials. The difference in this workshop was that we asked participants to use more than one movement module in their design. Since this was our first workshop using the updated version of the design simulator, including ten movement modules (including all modules except the up-down and open-close motions by rack and pinion mechanism via continuous rotation), we wanted to see what differences providing more modules could evoke. Specifically, can having more design modules enable a more advanced level of designs?