# of Participants: 12
Age: 13-15 years old
Location: Boulder Public Library Makerspace
Time: 6 hours

The workshop was six hours for two days, divided into three hours for each day. Twelve students (ages 13-15, six girls and six boys) participated from the makerspace’s youth program supported by the Littlefield foundation. We spent the first thirty minutes for introduction and the last thirty minutes for a show-and-tell presentation.

Throughout the workshop, students carefully watched the assembly tutorial and asked questions if they faced some issues in following the instructions. They also searched Google to find images and watch Youtube videos in the discussion of ideas. Students were excited about sharing their prototypes and inspired by others’ constructions. Some of them requested additional materials like clay or support such as using a laser cutter, explaining their needs with sketches. Their creations were rich, evocative, and original, adapting a variety of detailed, playful, and poetic stories, from crazy ducks swimming in a pond to clapping hands to capture a butterfly.