Union City Library, December ’18

# of Participants: 12
Age: 8-12 years old
Location: Union City Library
Time: 1 hour (stretched to 2 hours)

For this workshop, students were given an 11” x 17” paper placemat with space to sketch ideas and instructions on how to build an up-down rack & pinion mechanism. They were given color pencils to draw their ideas and brainstorm before creating their own machine. The participants drew their ideas for the first 15 minutes, then assembled their mechanism for the next 45 minutes. After that, they spent 30 minutes decorating their mechanisms with paper and other craft supplies to tell the story they had sketched. In the last 10 minutes, participants tested the movement and shared their creations with us and others. Kids were able to put their ideas of animals, flowers, rockets and airplanes into their creations.