Our Team

PaperMech is a repository of HyunJoo Oh’s ongoing PhD study on design tools and techniques for paper mechatronics. She is a PhD student at the ATLAS Institute in University of Colorado Boulder, working at the Craft Tech Lab. Since 2014, starting with the Paper Mechatronics project (NSF EAGER project), she and her three advisors, Mark D Gross, Mike Eisenberg, and Sherry Hsi have been working with a great team.

HyunJoo Oh, PhD Student at ATLAS Institute and Craft Technology Lab
Mark D Gross, Director of ATLAS Institute and CS Professor
Michael Eisenberg, Director of Craft Technology Lab and CS Professor
Sherry Hsi, Senior Research Scientist at the Concord Consortium
Ann Eisenberg, Co-Director of Craft Technology Lab and CS Adjunct faculty

Kristof Klipfel, ATLAS undergraduate student
Cory Morales, CS undergraduate student (2016 summer intern)

We also have worked with great collaborators:
Jeeeun Kim, CS PhD student
Abhishek Narula, ATLAS PhD student
TechHive at Lawrence Hall of Science
Digital Youth Divas at DePaul University