How To

Learn how to use the simulator to help create and build your own unique paper mechanisms.

Use the drop-down menu to display the various motions or mechanisms:


Select a module to view and modify the simulation:



After selecting a motion or mechanism, your page will be redirected to the selected simulation page. On the left side of the simulation page there is a drop-down menu and  a number of buttons and sliders that can be modified to change the movement of the simulation.

At the top of the page the selected motion and or mechanism is listed with a drop-menu displaying the respective motion or mechanism.

If you selected a motion, the drop-down menu will list the other mechanisms that can be used to create the current motion.

If you selected a mechanism, the drop-down menu will list the other motions that can be created from the current mechanism.

To modify the current motion or mechanism select a new item from the drop-down menu to change the simulation:


Below the module header there are a number of sliders and buttons that can be used to change different characteristics of the simulation.

To modify the current simulation, move the sliders and/or select the buttons:


When you move the sliders, parts of the simulation will change color to red to indicate what part of the simulation is being modified by the slider:


To reset the simulation, click the “Reset” button at the bottom of the page:


To return to the Design page click the “Home” button at the bottom of the page:


Once you have customized the simulation to your liking, you can click the “Show Parts” button at the bottom of the page to view a PDF with all the parts necessary to build the mechanism:


The PDF will display all parts to build the customized motion or mechanism that was created in the simulator.

Each page is organized by recommended build material (paper, cardboard, matboard). The recommended material and thickness can be found at the bottom right corner of each page:


To view and download the pages by specific part, click the drop-down and select the desired part:


To download the displayed PDF click the “Download PDF” button at the bottom of the page:


For assembly instructions and a tutorial on how to build your specific mechanism or motion, click the “Assembly Instructions” button at the bottom of the page:


If you have any other questions, contact us.