Featured Maker: Toni Kau’i

Toni Kauʻi is one of 25 teachers in The Concord Consortium’s Teacher Ambassador Program, which recognizes outstanding teachers who have incorporated Concord’s digital inquiry resources into their STEM classrooms.

Toni Kau’i

Toni attended a PaperMechatronics workshop in the summer of 2018:  “As a designer and a builder, I am naturally attracted to PaperMech,” she says. “I appreciate how the program allows me to introduce design and build concepts into my curriculum. It adapts and integrates into multiple content disciplines.” She used PaperMech not only to create conceptual models of plant and animal extinction in her biology class, but also in English classes to illustrate “how our year-long themes can be seen throughout different aspects of their lives.”

Read The Concord Consortium’s blog entry for Toni’s story.